Technical information

Technical and practical informatie

In order to play the “Home Run” performance for you, we have made a list of necessary arrangements.

For questions of a technical nature you can ask our stagemanager: Job van der Wal,
Stagemanager: +31 (0)6 5172 0712 email:

Technische aspects
Stage sizes 6m deep, 8 m wide, & minimal 3.5m between podiumfloor and ceiling.
The entire stage needs to be empty. (No decorations, low beams, stairs,  nails or holes.) We bring a screen of 2,5 m high and 8 m wide.

Sound: The sound installation needs tob e of good quality, and will be provided by out host. We bring a soundtrack on memorystick or cd. Before and after the performance we would like to use a microphone.
The stage; To light the stage we would like to have a light installation. This can also be a simple system. When there is a professional system we like to provide a assistant-light manager to advise the light team.
Backstage Backstage we like to use a dressingroom for 12 people, we do not need running water or mirrors. If possible we would like 12 chairs in the dressing room and curtains so we can close the windows.
Preparation: To built the set we wil be needing 2 hours, incl. light and sound checks..
Program: By means of a een beamer-image we will explain the content of the play beforehand. Carla wil introduce the play herself.
Play:  The performance has no use of speech and takes 40 minutes and will be played without a break. After the show we usualy have a speaker to close with a short word. After the event people of the audience can meet with players of our team.
Media: We can provide a free digital flyer for our hosts in order to invite people.

Meal: We are grateful for a simple healthy meal for our team.
Prayer: We would like to take time to pray together with our hosts fort he event.
Ministry: We often see that people need ministry after the event. We always like to ask our hosts to prepare fort his toghether with our team.

Finances: We work without profit. We ask a set fee fort he performance. If this is a problem, we would like to talk about it with you to explore possibilities, so that we can stil come.